Aboriginal Cultural Programs and Activities for NSW Schools

The Aboriginal Cultural Concepts (ACC) program for NSW schools connects students with historical and cultural knowledge and understanding about Aboriginal heritage. Involvement in this program is aimed at positively influencing young people’s cultural experience, sharing information and providing Indigenous youth with a strong sense of place/identity. 

This program has been developed to support the NSW Department of Education & Training syllabus:

  • Infants + Primary: HSIE, CAPA, English
  • Secondary: (Aboriginal Studies & History)

Cultural Maintenance and Continuance

Lois Cook has maintained her cultural knowledge of her people through Cultural mentors and family who have close cultural and spiritual connection to Byron Bay, Ballina and the Lower Richmond River. 

Lois Cook's program contains knowledge that maintain and continue the traditional knowledge of the Bundjalung People and she offers this knowledge to schools to gain an understanding of Aboriginal culture, and Heritage. Lois illustrates the change and continuity within her environments, social systems and structures. Key learning areas give students the opportunity to ask challenging questions and develop curiosity as well as promote a learning environment and access to cultural education and appropriate knowledge aimed at the level of the students. 

The types of Programs available: 

School Shows:

This is a great opportunity for school children to learn about aboriginal culture directly from the people of the land. The performance is 45 minutes in length which takes in traditional dance. songs. storytelling, bundjalung language and painting up, some children can be invited to participate with the dances during the show.

Costs: 200 students minimum per performance or workshops @ $3.50/child


  1. Three hour Aboriginal Cultural tour of Ballina and surrounding area = see tours                                             
  2. School Shows/workshop performance
  3. Pantomimes using legendary stories and themes - negotiable   
  4. Dance Workshops/ costume making storytelling - negotiable
  5. Aboriginal art and mural painting - negotiable
  6. Boomerang throwing 
  7. Visiting cultural sites 
  8. Storytelling

Costs: 200 students minimum per performance or workshops @ $3.50/child

Aboriginal  Culture Tour 

A three hour School excursion featuring Mythological sites other local  Aboriginal legends of The Three Brothers, How Dolphins came about and Three  Sisters Rock (Nyangbul) Cultural interests at Byron  Bay.  

You will visit and explore middens, old camping grounds, Bora rings, contact sites,  fertility sites, initiation grounds, fish traps, hunting areas and other  historical places of interest, sacred and significant Aboriginal sites or devise  your own individual excursion of topics of  interest. 

Children  to bring their own Lunch and Water.  

Teachers to  accompany students to keep order during the  tour.  

The tour departure and  schedule can be negotiated prior to the day. Schools are required to supply their own bus and driver.  

Departure Time:    10.00 am
Returning:  approximately 1.00  pm   

Cost: $500.00  

All fees quoted are negotiable when you book your tour, schools
can also book Lois to provide Aboriginal Cultural Awareness programs
at their school and Welcome to Country Celebrations. 

'Lois Cook a local Custodian and knowledge holder invites schools to explore the unique heritage of her ancestry.  She was educated by cultural mentors and relatives who shared an intricate view of the place they call home.

 'During the Tour Lois will share  knowledge and offer a unique opportunity to traveller and visitors to hear her stories and dream time legends'. 

'Legends and the Dreaming come to life as you explore the landscape and take in  the true meaning of country and how special this tour really is for our children.   Come  along enjoy, explore, relax and get involved in activities take photographs and ask questions.