About Us

Gugamai meaning: Old camp site

We all met up in sacred circle at Canberra 2 years ago at the Tent Embassy where we sat to form remedy and realised that the current government system is not working for the greater good of all. After returning to the far North Coast with Womyn of the Sun and Granny Nellie Patterson from Uuluru who I met ten years ago, reconnecting in ceremony we decided that all women need to come together to sing and dance up in sacred ceremony to form the new vision, a Vision Treaty that includes us all as caretakers of the earth.

Within a few months my father Lewis Cook supported & signed off for Jingki (Kerrianne of the Cox family-defacto) from Broome WA and I to claim our dreaming in Nyangbal Country of my Ancestors of first light. We called in all the women from all over the country and the world, to come walk this sacred dreaming, bring it into form and protect it always. In a peace way through our human rights we have disarmed the land council, shires, Government Corporation and all its agents from forcefully removing us from Gugamai meaning: Old camp site and it is now a Free Suveran State of Nyangbal .

We have begun building the sustainable lore and culture centre for higher learning and cultural exchange. We are enjoying being a part of a living culture that has contributed so much to our health and wellbeing. We have commenced discussion and dialogue with all who wish to be a part of the new way dreaming.

Lois Cook

Lois Cook